Advantages and disadvantages of precision seamless tubes

Due to the demand for production and the reduction of the cost of production and manufacturing, many customers have changed from the original cold-drawn seamless steel pipe purchase to precision seamless steel pipe. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of precision seamless steel tubes:
Advantages: 1. Precision seamless pipe forming speed is fast and production output is high. Without damaging the coating, a wide variety of cross-section patterns can be made to suit the requirements of the conditions. 2. The cold rolling process can make the precision steel pipe produce huge tensile deformation, which improves the yield point of the precision steel pipe. 3, the precision of the precision steel pipe is high, so that the user reduces the generation of waste.

Disadvantages: 1. Residual stress exists in the section of precision seamless pipe, which affects the overall and local buckling characteristics of precision seamless steel pipe; 2. The free torsional rigidity of the section of precision steel pipe is relatively low; 3. The cold-rolled precision seamless steel pipe The forming wall thickness is small, and the ability to carry a local concentrated load is insufficient.

Post time: 2019-11-09